Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Word Salad - 46

Salad hyenas used before characterizations with mutes and muses alike.
Intuitive, Regional, clandestine and forensic with natural tendencies to forgo the precluded.
Never the only, and not yet the foremost, taken with salt and blemish as are we as we are...
Fortune's smiles and maybe not have befallen down upon your knees knowing rising up is the only answer,
having forgotten the question. Fragments from Venues and Venus either yearning with tartar covered
steak tar tare or some such.
Majestic, future, forlorn and with due respect to the ninja.
You know who you ARE!!!

I do know who I am! And it's someone with no wish to be covered in steak tartare or any other meat.

Thanks to Miss Plumcake for the awesome Mr. Salad.

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