Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daughter wanted - m4w - 60

Daughter wanted - m4w - 60

At this point in life I would like to create a legacy to leave on Earth.

After 20 years of working to improve my health and those around me..(great success with myself but little success with others).

10 years of working to improve the world - environment, socially, emotionally.

What I want to do is create with a young woman a paradise on 2.5 acres preferable surrounded by like minded people in a community. A small house, two (maybe cob) a garden, a woodlands, a fruit orchard, green fence, green house etc. The woman (you?) can use the property to attract a prince and start a family. Me, I get to live out my life on the land and be naturally buried on the land (perhaps be reincarnated as a descendant of you and your prince.)

Sound strange - just please move on.

Sound intriguing please read the ringing cedar series of
Anastasia books.

If this resonants with you please respond with how this idea resonants with you.

Thank you.

As our beloved Plumcake recently said, "Princesses are real estate deals with ovaries attached." Ok, being a princess usually means owning a bitchin' tiara, but dang. Is it really worth it to be trapped out in BFE with a creepy old dude?

Ok, maybe in this economy...

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  1. YAY! I was looking for this blog to add to my post today but I couldn't find it! Now I've got it bookmarked and will pimp it mercilessly.