Saturday, May 9, 2009

I post a lot not munipulate or hard-up

I post a lot not munipulate or hard-up I am just a good guy, for real - 53

Yes i can imagine the trash male and female which comes across the internet
And it hurts good guys such as my self an old army veteran who served
for a free nation

People are and must be cautious of the stuff which is out there in internet

I am however a for real person

You know 30 years ago if you said hello ladies call me and lets go do coffee the phone
would be ringing of the table

Or if you said you were as friendly and had a heart as big as Hoss Cartwright who
played on the Western Bananza, those return emails would be zipping right through the
OLE personal computers

But now days It is 360 degrees different people blocking you, people saying I am
not interested

It is just amazing how the internet system has changed and how it has really
gotten very difficult to meet new friends via the PC

But i must drive on and persue the opportunity to meet new friends now that
i have relocated to the west coast here in vancouver, washington

so here goes

Hello there

My name is Steve Miller from Vancouver, and I do live in Vancouver and I am 53 years old with a birthday of Feb 22.

I am not afraid to leave you with my phone number (edited, 'cause

I am armed forces retired and I am a blue collar worker in Portland (local truck driver)refered to a transfer driver where I take a rent-a-truck or tractor to a customer or another rent-a-truck branch.

It is day shift unless I go on a over nighter, ususally have weekends off, pretty good gig for a army retired guy.

I am built like Hoss Cartwright from the western bananza
probably have more hair on top and I wear a ball cap where he wore a cowboy hat; however the build is the same so if you can not remember what Hoss Looked Like then ask a friend or you could watch a re-run smile lol.

I wear my hair short by choice and have no beard or mustache
by choice and I am a blue jean and pull over or front up button shirt, loafer wearing guy.

I am Low Keyed, spontanious, good listener, but bad eye contact
type of guy, but working on it

I do like doing most of the basics.

I do not abuse alcohol and do not smoke cigerettes or dope, but please feel free to smoke around me but please do not smoke dope around me, but that does not disqualifie you as a new friend if you do smoke pot I know many our age do.

I at 53 like to cuddle, hold hands and sit across from you at the coffee shopand talk and cut up.

I was born in Vancouver and was away for 33 years and came back to be nearer my 81 year old mother I don't live with her
I have a place of my own but that is why I relocated from the south back hear to where I was born.

Please feel free to keep in contact and add me as a friend

Thanks Steve Miller Vancouver

Ok, y'all, I know it's not real likely to be THE Steve Miller, since this dude claims not to be a midnight toker. But your Auntie Jane's gonna give him a call just in case. And if it is him, she's gonna take the money and run. Woo woo woo.

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