Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mail Order Bride wanted

Mail Order Bride wanted- 47

Seeking younger woman (age 20 or so) with one daughter (age two or so). Is ok to want more kids as I love kids. Divorced very nice business owner seeks a life again after wife left (after 23 years and three kids) for greener pastures. Large comfy home and very stable environment in the suburbs for the little one. Club membership with pool year round, summer local pool access and way more. Two High School boys at home ages 14 and 16 - great kids. Please message me if you are around the age (give or take) that I seek and willing to be a faithful wife. I always wanted a girl but got all boys. Slender to average is preferred - no heavyweights. This is available RIGHT NOW. Hope to hear from you soon - picture appreciated.

Um. Weirdly specific much? Auntie's a little creeped out now. Let's you and me go to a happier place.

Oh yeah. That's better.

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