Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Kiddiewinks, today is a banner day. Your Auntie has unearthed some serious li-ter-a-CHURE.

'please read' temptations arise by a hopeless romantic (passionet in oregon)

I never writen a poem befor so please dont laff ok you can if you want to i think its not very good
temptations arise heart aik and pain subsadize
fame and fortune come and go matters of the heart live on we know searching for or soulmates going on many dates lost in this unaverse full of love and pain sometime i think we all go aliitle insane matters of the heart never fade they always stay the same longing for that warm embrace as you slowly touch ones face a gentle kiss to ones lips softly yet passionet as are hearts reach for the moon and are souls see shooting stars two people fall inlove like a soring white dove happyn ess is to bee if only we can see o wont you come to me my princes to be your truly a hopeless romantic
Awww, honey, that's, um, real nice.

just one of my thoughts - 30

LOnely side of the road,back , bent, broken, the sun has taken it's toll,,,, now the clouds cry and weep, to tir ed to get up ,, back on his feet, looks to the sky ask why , no reply clouds just cry , highway lonely place written all over his face , tumble weed blowing in the wind tossed around a gain again, and again, nowhere called home so alone I roam north east south west no direction I like best , so i collapes, lie there coverd with dust ddig me up , was it a treasure you fou nd or just something that grew died feel to the ground,, but still hope that one day his angel will appear tame me far from here , from all the noise , just my angels voice saying , close your eyes my dear , for I am your angel , and I am here............................................................................ any angels out there.....

Whoa there, cowboy, step away from the Precious Moments porn.

A Nubian Queen...

I would like to meet a pretty black female 2 5-35 yrs. old. I think you will find me to be a good looking white guy, and I have have dated black women previously. Enjoy the poem below. Please respond with a pic and I will send mine. Thank you.

Corn rows & mealie silk...
Why do you suffer the look of my eyes
with such intent/ does their brutal blue
inspire you somehow? Why do you
flaunt the curves of your brown body
to the whip of my stare/ does it make you
a star? There's your mind whose soul,
like the singing wind, can never be
possessed/ beauty is no excuse for love/
with crimson and mocha, let's fashion this
union, and bond in a mosaic ampersand/
let my white sea trap the isles of your eyes,
and your sun's vitamin thaw the polar caps
about me/ let's do it now, feeding from
one another, whatever may come.

Ok, she's not quite a queen yet, but may I suggest Princess?
She's a terrific asset, and even has modeling experience!

And srsly, "flaunt the curves of your brown body to the whip of my stare"? Way to creepily fetishize the brutal enslavement of millions, dude.

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