Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sometimes you just make me sad...

Y'all, I went looking for guys tonight. Maybe it's just getting near my Special Princess Time, but all the ads just make me want to cry.

Idiot seeking someone - 20

My name’s Steve. I’m a pathetic little loser with no prospects, no purpose, and no real reason to get up in the morning. I’m looking for a special someone.

Please Someone Like Me - 27

I'm desperate. No woman wants me. I can't really blame them. Please anyone...

to the womans that answered my ad (fishing for tuna)

Ty for all the lovely pictures of the ironing boards but no i don't want to go to another site to see them.No the house does not have a security system or curtains.Why do you think i want you to move in.Please when responding next time include your phone number.I am a pecker not a typer,so it would be easier on my pecker just to call you.Please help me to save my pecker by including your phone number.The house is located in bustling gainsville beside a fish man that will call you sexy names.ty for your reponses and for helping me to save my pecker

By the way, if you image search "tuna pecker" you get about what you'd expect...

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