Sunday, February 22, 2009

Villain seeks willing damsel in distress

Villain seeks willing damsel in distress, 18–30 - 38 (The deep, dark North Side)

I have always identified with the antiheros who matched wits with the boring do-gooders in the books I read, the movies I saw, and the television shows I watched, even as a child. From a very early age, it aroused me fiercely when the dastardly scoundrel would get the lovely heroine in his clutches, chuckling evilly and rubbing his hands in wicked anticipation. Even better when she would be tied up, whether over railroad tracks, gagged and thrust into a car trunk, or strung up by her wrists so that he could gloatingly run his gaze over her straining, writhing body.

However, I was always smart enough to hide my opinions on that subject, however, because the very best villains are the ones who no one knows are wicked.

I wear my mask very well these days, occasionally showing those who understand me enough what lies beneath. Like Steerpike, from the Gormenghast books, Gil-Martin, from The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, and Tom Ripley, from Patricia Highsmith’s wonderful books, I have a dark side to me that always writhes there, like a bellyful of grinning vipers.

If I want them to, people like me; they trust me; they even adore me. I must say that I have such a hard time not taking advantage of that. It is so tempting; really it is.

But, mostly, I am like the aforementioned Mr. Ripley, seeking not to harm others so long as I am left alone to enjoy myself as I so choose. Although, someone who knew me very well said that I reminded her of Edward from the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. I think she is right about that; in many ways, I am very much like that character, particularly with how I live my daily life.

I enjoy my life . . . and my secrets. And I want to find someone who takes pleasure in the same things, someone who does not shrink from being the imperiled damsel in my clutches. Someone who relishes the thrill of danger that slithers down her spine as my powerful hands run over her smooth skin. Who savors the taste of the breath that catches in her throat when my shadow falls over her trembling face and widened eyes.

Is that you? If you have read this far and have felt a shiver of anticipation as well as trepidation, it may very well be.

What I seek is someone who will allow me the freedom to slake both my baser desires and loftiest eccentricities upon her, and who will not hesitate to beg my indulgence of her most depraved fancy.

Then we replace our masks, until the desire to explore further pounds within our veins with such force that we cannot resist. And then, we will find even more tenebrous and profligate diversions to satisfy ourselves.

Be aware that while I may enjoy pain, I seek only to hurt in delicious ways, never harm or injure. Although my desires are debased, I am not drawn to filth or repugnance. Even if wickedness is what draws you to me, neither of us should possess any truly evil intentions towards the other.

This is a release from those sorts of things for me, not an escalation. As it should be for you, too.

If you have continued to read, then here is where you will learn more concrete things about me and the person I hope to find.

I am tall, muscular, and lean; dark-haired, very masculine, attractive, with high cheekbones, a strong jaw-line, and dark, intense eyes. I am very physically fit, with several tattoos, and I look much younger than my age. I am fiercely intelligent and wickedly humorous, completely an Alpha wolf-type, although creative and discerning rather than overbearing—but that makes me no less dominant.

Anyone who might answer this posting should be similar to me in demeanor and general type—bright, clever, attractive, and physically fit. Sleek, curvaceous bodies are my preference, especially athletic women with smaller breasts and powerful legs. A smart tomboy, girl jock, or vivacious nerdy girl is my ideal, although I am open to anyone with intelligence, nerve, and imagination. Although I am straight, I am drawn towards queer-friendly types as well as those who are also straight.

Below I will include a photo of myself, to pique the curiosity and to satisfy it somewhat at the same time (yes, that is me). If you choose to answer my posting, tell me about yourself, describe what you look like, and include a photo as well. I will be more than willing to reply in kind.

Does what I wrote make you cringe and blush; does it cut to your core? Could it keep you awake at night with terrible, marvelous dreams? If so, then you should write to me.

I will also need you to pay off my extensive library fines so I can read to you from Beauty's Punishment and tell you why Ayn Rand is the greatest genius of all time.

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  1. See, he had to RUIN IT by mentioning Ayn Rand. Fucker.