Saturday, February 21, 2009

You and Me, In Verse

You and Me, In Verse


Smooth talker, rhyme walker
Not a caulker, board-chalker
Grad student, mostly prudent
Study physics, not athletics

Six foot even, average build
Don't play WoW, so there's no guild
Play with my Wii if you're willed
If you don't mind being virtually killed

Giant geek, hardly meek
Not a freak, puns I leak
Wordplay a passion, never out of fashion
Please have compassion, it's only ration-al

Crazy dancer, old school romancer
Take-a-chancer, mood enhancer
Creative writer, boredom fighter
Seeking more than a one nighter
To make this world a little brighter

Physically affectionate, rather compassionate
Hopefully adequate to get you to activate
My bearded face you soon will see
But that's enough about lil' old me


A geek too, through and through
Looking for a pas de deux
Quirky, fun and energetic
With your own unique aesthetic
Rarely are you apathetic
Certainly not apologetic

Non-smoker, maybe a toker
As a drinker not mediocre
No fleas, free of disease
Enter a room like a summer breeze

Not a teen, summers you've seen
From twice ten to twice fourteen
A sweet tooth, that's the truth
Inner youth, sometimes sleuth

No kids (yet), no regrets
Know your way 'round a chess set
Like to travel, maybe Tibet
A dog or a cat you'll pet

Please be single, so we can mingle
Sans your boyfriend roofing my shingles

Email me, we'll see what develops
Hopefully we'll find a love that envelops

Pic for pic, gotta be quick
I might click with some other chick

Ahhhh, poetry. le sigh. Your Auntie Jane has an ex who wooed her with the words (sung to the tune of Steve Miller's
"The Joker"

I'm a Coke can
I'm Dwight Yoakam
I'm a big Tone Lōc fan.

Buuut, it ended badly and Auntie has lost her taste for the poets. ( Thanks again to our beloved Northeastern Correspondent.)

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