Thursday, February 26, 2009

Asian coolege proffesor

Asian coolege proffesor=seek=Asian female frioend==

Hi Asian girls, I am Asian man-
I am educated but not regulated. I am looking for Asian females for date and like to park my trailer on some ones lot for rent. I am an ex-physician and living happily in Burien Seattle. I am graduate of University Of Washington and only 37-looking to go to businesses like Laxative Clinic and Truck Taxi Company. I can educate and elevate Asians that only they are my friend. I hang out at this Gyro restaurant, and like to have a date with you any place ant time?
I am seeking work as a college Math tour, and like Asian girls for serious relationships.
for more information can do you good?
I am good looking and like to lunch with some one- I have many more plans like to share-

Darlings. your Auntie is very confused by this man, and is trying not to picture what a combination Laxative Clinic and Truck Taxi Company would look like. I will, however, be referring to myself as "educated but not regulated" whenever possible from now on. Peace out.

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  1. I am a little horrified by the possibilities of "not regulated" and "Laxative Clinic" in combination.