Friday, April 10, 2009

eyebrows and other things

eyebrows and other things

this is to all women out there. please stop messing up your face by screwing with your eye brows. Im not talking about neglecting your unibrow or the stray hairs but stop treating them like a bonsai tree. If you are drawing crap onto them its so far from right its hopeless to talk about. Im not trying to be funny. myself and any of my friends that dont have a hooker fetish agree, it makes you look nasty. Im not a bad looking person, Im just a dude on a rant. So please, for all the is good and holy, stop it. The picture is to the extreme. somewhat natural eyebrows are better. it doesnt look right when you do weird crap. my apologies if this picture is you. For the use of it and for your eyebrows. email me with questions if you feel the need. But if you are wondering then its probably because they are indeed messed up

some people are wondering why this is up again, well its because I got some emails. Looks like I need to clarify a few points. Yes, the hair above the lip area looks kinda like a eyebrow, but I wasnt including it. Shave the stache, wax, lazer, do what you gotta do. despite the fact that us guys think mustaches are rad on us you ladies hate them. So you can imagine its even worse when you're sporting one. Hair under the pits. Some guys might have a yeti fetish, who knows. Yes im leaving another zone out on purpose. So no emails are needed about that

normal slightly maintained eyebrows=good
drawn on nasty=treason against jesus-(nearly as bad as the snuggy. you dont want to get me started)

Dude has a point. Bad eyebrows are one of your Auntie's pet peeves as well, particularly the ones that look like sperms. Auntie Jane is an open-minded girl, but if you like the sperms on your forehead, she doesn't want to know about it.

More regrettable eyebrows here.

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