Wednesday, April 1, 2009

again i like girl from russija

again i like girl from russija

Please l realy like girl from rusija becouze l speak po russki very good.I have god jobs and i look good.I need somebady for frend for go out like diner just for fun,maybe more.Thanks

My little peach blossoms, your Auntie Jane used to work with a young man from Kazakhstan. He did indeed sound just like Borat, but he smelled much better. He was a charming man who greeted everyone with a hearty slap on the keister, and he used to tell me lovely stories about his past.

"When Vladimir was young, go to school in Leningrad, all the time drink, drink drink. Very bad. Now Vladimir is good boy, do not drink or smoke tobacco, go to church on Sunday. This time, when was young, I did meet mayor's wife. We drink many bottles champagne. Hee hee hee, oh, was very bad. We have such fun."

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  1. Yet Vladi is always having the stress, no?