Thursday, April 16, 2009

We hear from the Villain himself!

I am the person who originally posted the this ad: on Chicago Craigslist. I periodically do a search to see if anyone on there has the audacious lack of imagination to plagiarize my postings and claim them as their own (which has happened before, and I am self-contentedly narcissistic enough to be curious as to who might be lame enough to do so). Imagine my amusement when my Internet inquiry turned up your blog, with my words and photo displayed upon it. Very droll!
However, I must take exception to attributing to me in your comment a fondness for a hack like Anne Rice (A. N. Roquelaure) or Ayn Rand (who I find mostly pretentious, although a much better wordsmith than Rice). Please, give me some credit!
At the very least, my posting made for a much more entertaining read than the crap clown poster and I my photo was more pleasing to they eye than THIS: .
Incidentally, whether it was what I wrote, or what they saw in my photo, the response to that posting was phenomenal—more than 300 respondents total. Of course, most of them had imaginations that far exceeded their tolerance, but I can afford to be selective given how I compare to the rest of the CL pickings (see, I said I was narcissistic, didn't I?).
Anyway, I was bored enough to take a break from my paying writing to indulge in some that is entirely frivolous to respond to your enshrinement of my Craigslist immortality. Be careful out there in the electronic wasteland; there are some weird ones lurking about, to be sure!

And this, my sparkling dewdrops, is why your Auntie loves the internets. People listen to what I say! It's hard to get such rapt attention in real life, at least until I hike up The Girls.

Darling Mr. Villain, Auntie Jane is so glad to hear that the ad is working for you. More tail for all!

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  1. How do I get this guy's email address? I have been seeking my villain for quite some time now. I am in distress!