Saturday, April 4, 2009

Repressed Female Psychology Majors

Repressed Female Psychology Majors

It began as alter boys visiting first Milwaukee Braves game with Knot Hole Club, in Milwaukee. Father Vujnovich popped for tickets and peanuts, (we had to steal our own beer). I got Shell Shock from the peanuts and it lasted until college. What cured me was attending my freshman psychology class in deviant behavior at Wisconsin in Mad City. With me as the exception the entire class was female, all very attractive! The Prof had been tossed out of Berkeley by then Gov. Ronald Reagan. A number of the women were from the Chicago burbs (lots of New Trier sweatshirts). Professor Pravda would bring standing ovations and the girls to outright orgasmic psychosis. With the opportunity to explain my shell-shock episode a number of women (feeling empathy), Irish Catholic and Jewish, (feeling guilt) wished to try various therapy methods (Humanistic, Imago, Rhythm). I was eventually cured, however could identify with Christopher Jones in "Three in the attic". I have been celibate for this entire millenium and the shell-shock has returned following a wet dream sequence.
Looking to hook up for coffee, analysis or LTR for those interested in Dissertations.
Prof Pravda never paid taxes and is now an appointee in Obama Adm. Angie, lobotomized, works for D.N.C. Carmon, Tried to patent gonja-institutionalized, watches Daffy Duck all day.
Zelda-Headed up local S.D.S. Claudia, after 12 kids by 12 radicals joined Vassar faculty and invented birth control method. Libby, owned Palmer House. Candy, worked Mustang Ranch.
Susan, started alcohol and drug re-hab center in Highwood Ill. after much experience sample testing. Janet, became a capitalist and fine Republican, (my favorite).

Oh my stars and garters! Clearly, your auntie has not partaken of enough psychedelics to understand this ad. Pass the windowpane, please.

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