Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fat, hairy, loves guns

Fat, hairy, loves guns, seeking same in woman - 38
I'm a chubby, hairy, 38 year old dad of two with a love of guns. I work tech support and live in a decrepit 4 bedroom house. Seeking a woman with similar interests. When I return from home I love to strip down to my kevlar thong, fry up a bunch of bacon, and watch war movies while cleaning my guns.

Must be able to braid backhair and reload .40.

Kids, your Auntie Jane has a confession to make. She finds this one just a teeny bit tempting. I mean, back hair AND bacon? Be still my heart.

Sure, a decrepit house, guns everywhere and two step-kids may not be what every girl is looking for. Some of you want security, attractiveness, a place to live without rats and roaches. So shallow, you modern girls.

Back hair guy? Call me!


  1. I'd consider it, but he's got to take off his socks first.

  2. Can you write an ad for

  3. Dear Sandra,

    All these ads are real! The commentary in red is me, and sometimes the pictures, but everything in the actual ad is verbatim from the craigslist post. THESE GUYS REALLY DO EXIST.

    Your idea of making up ads for random pictures is a good one. though. Let me see what I can come up with...

    xoxo, Auntie Jane

  4. The pictures for this one were actually posted by Micromancer to a show-yourself thread in The Firing Range subforum of Somethingawful. They are intentional comedy.

    What's unintentional comedy is the fact that his wife was in the room in bed with another man during the 'photo shoot,' which when discovered derailed the thread into a discussion of that fact.