Monday, January 26, 2009

i can relocate for you

Very nice Gentleman looking for a real Ladie (To Live With) - 52 (Im in Yakima, But i can relocate for you)

Hello.My name is John.I know that this is kinda crazy,But i thought it wouldent hurt to try.I just may be the man your looking for.Im going to be very honest with you.Im down on my luck, And im living with my Mother (in Yakima).I would like to find a Nice,Caring Ladie who would be willing to take me into her home and start a relationship together.I dont have much to offer,Except lots of Love and Appreciation.Perhaps we could fall in love with each other and be there for each other.I know its terrible to be alone.Im not Picky about looks or age.As long as your a GOOD PERSON thats all that matters.I am very simple and easy to please.And i will give it my all to please you.I concider myself one in a million and i know that you will be glad you found me.Please, Take a chance.You wont regret it.Hope to hear from you,So we can get to know each other. Thank you....Oh,...Hope you like my photos...Even though i may look like a bad boy, I assure you that i am a very Kind Gentleman. And Polite and Respectfull......John

My stars, John. I certainly do know it's terrible to be alone. When the toidy gets clogged, there is no one else to blame!

I am a Nice,Caring Ladie, thanks ever so for noticing! I also concider you one in a million and I am glad I found you. Unfortunately, Auntie Jane is also down on her luck and about to move in with her Mother. I'll always wonder what we might have had..

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