Tuesday, January 27, 2009

IN need Not needy

IN need Not needy whats your need?

Lets do all we can !will not let you down ! I give back all you give me work hard for things I have and will have ! come along for the ride! we will have fun ! will stop for poddy brakes and beer If needed lol!so if fun is a need lets go!

Poor Auntie Jane must admit- I do need frequent poddy brakes! (Especially when I've been having tea with Vera Vodka, Winnie Whiskey and Perdita PBR.) My Gentleman Callers tend to laugh at me when I need to tinkle every half hour. Once I did find a handsome, charismatic man who also needed many poddy brakes! Alas, he was married. Such is Fate.

Dating is hard, y'all.

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