Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hopless Romantic

Hopless Romantic Looking for his Queen to Spoil

I still believe in old-fashioned romance. You know where we try to spoil each other. I am educated, but currently working at a fun job. 6'0" and bedroom blue eyes. I've always been happy go lucky and refuse to change. I drink maybe three times a year at most and only at social events. I do smoke cigarettes but will soon be quiting. I'm tired of putting up with everyone's complaints and the actual cost of cigarettes nowadays. I am looking for a woman who is submissive in her views and what I mean by that is that she actually enjoys being loved and is not ashamed of showing her love. I can explain this more if you contact me and we can chat. I still believe in opening car doors for my lady and bringing home bouquets of flowers...just because. I want the proverbial cook in the kitchen and you know the rest...LOL. There is so much more that I could say, but let's chat!!

Ohhhhhh, kiddies! Your Auntie Jane is so excited! I thought I would never again get the chance to Touch Paul Bellini!


  1. "I'm educated, but..."

    Oh. That's just never a good sign.

  2. Maybe we could get the hopless guy and the amputee-wanting guy together somehow.