Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pretty Leg AMPUTEE!!!

Time of Your Life Awaits For A Pretty Leg AMPUTEE!!!

This is a search for just the right special person! A young and very generous CEO has engaged our services to find a female above knee leg amputee as a part time travel companion. If you are that person, we are looking for you! This is a once in a lifetime chance and is not at all a joke. Our client is quite distinguished and the selected lady will be well taken care of, have doors opened in the hospitality and entertainment industries, and could well be set for life! He is looking for someone slim to medium, 20-40, attractive and intelligent. If you fit the bill or you know someone who does -- don't be bashful! This is an incredible chance to be taken on fabulous trips and treated like royalty! Referrals will be handsomely rewarded!

Please e-mail us with some information about youreself (or the lady) and we will respond with more information about him and move on to the next level. We remind you that this is not a joke. This is a serious request for a special lady who would like to be well taken care of amd have some times of her life!

Treated like royalty! Set for life! Pass Auntie Jane the hacksaw, honey!


  1. Paul Simon, your lawyer is on line 2...

  2. Dammit! McCARTNEY, I meant Paul McCartney.