Saturday, March 28, 2009

its wierd, but im serious....

its wierd, but im serious....

i have this thing that i'm itching to try again sitting here wanting someone to let me do something a little out of the ordinary someone to let me put my nose on their tongue (nothing gross and no surprises) just literally that. just stick your tongue as far to your chin as you can and let me lay my nose on it for 10 seconds.....simple right? i guess there really isn't a reason for me doing this except i just like to do it and always have liked it.'s not often that Auntie Jane is stumped, but dang! How is this sexy?

Is it the feel of all the little tastebuds, like tiny pleasure nubbins? Is it the scent of the tongue, so evocative that you begin to imagine you can smell your partner's thoughts before she voices them? Is it the thought that in all probability, NO MAN HAS DONE THIS TO HER BEFORE?

All right! You've talked me into it! Does it help that I can touch my nose with my tongue? Auntie will lick your nose Gene Simmons style, baby.

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