Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WhErE u BeEn aLL mY LiFe??

WhErE u BeEn aLL mY LiFe?? - 27

What's up LaDieZ.. first let me tell you this is kinda wierd for me, i have never done anything like this before, and its not like i can't find anyone on my own.. but to be honest i just got out off a long relationship and haven't really have much time to get back into the dateing game, I have a really good job, a nice car, and heading back to school soon.. guess da person i'm looking for isn't much , just a down to earth person i can relate to and have fun with..i play almost every sport,(basketball,football,tennis.ect.) and very much an outdoor person, (Fishing,hiking,camping..ect).. currently i'm coaching a basketball team..i'm down for coffee or a quick lunch... just hit me up..Peace =)

WhErE i BeEn? eviDeNtlY I bEeN wOefUlLy NeGleCtIn mAh SHifT KeY.

(Good Lord, that's exhausting. How DO you young folks do it? Maybe it's easier when you been smokin' the shards.)

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