Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tears of a Clown / Why not date a Clown

Tears of a Clown / Why not date a Clown - 50 (Laugh Town U.S.A)

My profession is a clown. A very good, fun type of clown. One that will make you laugh, when your down. When you fall, I"ll be around. When no one is around to depend, Guess who's around to be your friend. My looks won't get me far. But, you won't see this clown in a Bar! I can dance the night away, with you in my arms. For I am Irish, your Lucky Charms. M .I., getting corning. Or What! What is a Clown to do. But be a servant to you! Some times people say! Your not! A Clown! Your some body's Fool! If that ture, Why not let me date you! Tears of a Clown! Note: I really am a Clown! The whole get up! Bewared! Well!.... I got to go now. It's time for me to go out and make a smile today, toinight, and every time you see me. Soooooo....... Please be nice to a clown. And if you need some Money!......... (Forget it!) I'm not that funny. Ha! Ha! Ha! #?<>..... My Photo will be posted as soon as I get it back from the (Presendent of the United States) Last time I was There trying to be funny! See you around. Keep a Simle on your face, it's not that bad. Enjoy your self, and of course with a clown. Have Fun and Great! DaY! Blow your horn At me! To Say "Hi" Your friend the Clown.

Just when I think life can't get any scarier, THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN. "getting corning" WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I'M AFRAID TO LOOK IT UP ON URBAN DICTIONARY.

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