Thursday, March 5, 2009

poetic inquiry

Kiddiewinks, I've been worrying about how so many of the men we feature here have such loooooooong ads. (And no, it doesn't mean what big feet mean, sadn't I to say.) So I've been looking for the shorter, pithier men. But our always-reliable Northern Correspondent sent this gem, and I was smitten.

poetic inquiry

Why does love hurt?
This I can’t explain
What are we looking for?
Something we can’t explain
Looking for a shorty with a nice caboose
Want to open up my heart and let this love be turned loose
I’m not tall dark or handsome
Better look elsewhere elsewhere
I’m the boy that your mom warned you about
Only because she wanted this all to her self
I need a lady who can help me because I am in a jam
Don’t want a girl that is looking for a wham bam thank you mam
Like to me a shorty who is kind of short
Not a big momma who is way to big for them shorts
Got a big old house that I am sitting alone in
Want to find me a lady who is ready to move in
Kind of like the girl who is a little dark
Not talking about skin talking about around the heart
I like the hours way after dark
Just about midnight I am ready to bark
Like to meet a girl maybe she is a witch
Not looking for that girl who is really a bitch
Like to meet a girl who can shake her ass
Don’t want a girl who doesn’t have any class
Like the girls who are loyal and true
Don’t like the girls who will screw everyone but you
Looking for a lady with a little bit of cash
Not looking for a big momma who is going to support my ass
If you think that maybe this is you
Drop me a line and I will call you


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  1. Extra points for the correct use of "sadn't I".