Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My journey to Isengard

My journey to Isengard - 31

I am not interested in all the women that I pass in the streets, no, I am on a journey. The world is a blur and my vision strains ahead, watching, waiting, wishing... I smell her skin in the wind at times, blaming the gusts for the moisture that collects at the corners of my eyes. I have traveled, on this journey, for what feels like 10 lifetimes only to find myself lost, again, and again. In any journey one is expected to learn one of life's lessons with each chapter that the journeier closes. I am 31, yet near the end of the book that is my life, I am whole, full, complete, lacking only one thing, the cute feet that travel alongside of mine, the breath falling on my chest as she clambers atop me in the cold morning hours. I love her, I miss her, I journey.

Lambies, our beloved NEC thinks there should be a special category for LOTR fans. A special category of HOTT, maybe!

C'mere, elfy boy. Let Auntie Jane caress your pointy ears and....

Oops. I think I broke him.

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